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When you first walk through the door, the aroma of fresh spices and Mediterranean cooking envelopes your senses and draws you into the bustling atmosphere of this iconic Middle Eastern grocery store. With bins of fine grains and exquisite spices, bulk containers of imported olives, nuts, and dried fruits, old fashioned barrels of coffee beans and the simple ticket dispenser from which customers must “take a number” during crowded times – this feels like an old-world place – and it is. Sahadi’s has been doing business in Brooklyn for over 65 years with the original Sahadi’s established in Manhattan in 1898.

Grains and Candies

Originally from Lebanon, the family opened Sahadi’s on Atlantic Avenue in 1948.
Business continues to thrive, with customers filtering in from all boroughs. “Here you’ll find ethnic items that you would not find in the average grocery store,” says Charlie Sahadi. His family works with him at the store which is now three generations strong.

Today the store anchors a historic Middle Eastern commercial enclave that flourishes along Atlantic Avenue between Court and Clinton Streets. This shopping district endures where there are no Middle Eastern residents to speak of. The appeal of Sahadi’s is, and always will be, the quality of their food. From the gourmet chef, to the adventurous home “experimenter”, you will be sure to find the perfect ingredients on Sahadi’s brimming shelves. Grains, beans, spices and many multi-national varieties of olive oils and cheese abound. For those seeking a takeout gourmet meal, over thirty specialty dishes are proudly prepared daily.

Bulk Foods

Over 200 bulk bins are filled with many different varieties of nuts, dried fruits, candy, grains and over 30 different olives in our olive bar.


As Charlie Sahadi says, “I can sell you five ounces of peanuts or a fifty pound bag. “Because the store is a wholesaler and a distributor as well as a retailer, the prices are very moderate compared to other similar stores. Remember though, that Sahadi’s range and quality is not exactly a state secret, so you’ll have to “take that number” during the weeks before Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other big food holidays. The consistently helpful and cheerful staff will always answer your questions and let you taste an olive or try a piece of cheese as you wait.

Cheese Department

Sahadi’s features a full line of specialty cheeses from around the world including farmhouse cheddar, a multitude of blues, Swiss and soft ripened, as well as five types of Feta. We have many holiday favorites and regional specialties with a service case for our ethnic line. On any given day, Sahadi’s has on hand over 200 varieties including some Lebanese and Syrian cheeses you’re not likely to find anywhere else in town. Our cheese department also encompasses smoked fish products, frozen and refrigerated pastas and a full line of pates and sausages.


Olive Oil

Sahadi’s carries dozens of different types of Olive Oil from all around the world.

Packaged Specialty Foods and Ethnic Items

Sahadi’s carries a huge selection of high quality specialty foods. We carry a wonderful assortment of spices, pickles, mustards, spreads, pastas and sauces, biscuits and candies, and many other specialty lines from around the world.


There’s cricri, exotic herbs like sumac and malhab (made from the inside of cherry pits
and used to flavor the Syrian string cheese), and mloukhiyeh (a forbidding spinach-like vegetable used in soups and gravies). There’s Afghan bread as big as a pillow case and Turkish delight studded with pistachios. There is a full line of Middle Eastern products of course, as well as products from all over the globe.


Sahadi’s carries a full line of fresh roasted coffee beans ranging from the everyday
French Roast or Breakfast Blend to the exotic Kona or Blue Mountain style beans. Whether regular or decaffeinated, we serve up the whole bean or ground to your specification. There is also a coffee bar where they serve the flavor of the day – hot or cold – for your drinking pleasure.


Prepared Foods and Catering

Sahadi’s offers a full line of specialty dishes prepared fresh daily. These items include various grilled chicken dishes and pasta dishes, amazing humus, baba ghanoush and tabbouleh, and also what experts (us, actually) believe to be the best kibbeh (ground lamb with pine nuts and spices) in New York. We also offer savory filled pastries and a full line of healthy grain and vegetable salads. We have approximately 30 dishes daily and our menu changing seasonally. We do party platters and catering for anything from cocktails to full holiday dinners for pick up.



So the next time you are in our area, be sure to stop in and do a little shopping. Whether it’s just to say “Hi!” to Charlie Sahadi – he is always manning the floor making the customers feel welcomed and cared for – or to get some ingredients for that special dinner you are making for the in-laws – or to get an excellent meal for yourself to eat – make sure to come on in and experience all that Sahadi’s has to offer. See you soon!

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Here’s what some of our friends and patrons are saying about Sahadi’s:


Rae J.
January 12

The hummus. THE HUMMUS! It’s quite possibly the best in Brooklyn. Hands down.

Jackie G.
February 25

The best place to buy nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, spices and much more! Best hummus in NYC!


Charles J.
Reviewed 3 months ago

Middle East groceries at unbeatable quality. Bottled and packaged goods, bulk dried fruit and nuts, prepared foods, coffee, etc. A great resource.

Emily Hanhan
Reviewed a year ago

If you live in Brooklyn and don’t shop at Sahadi’s, you’re completely missing out on a gem of a store. Bulk nuts, dried fruits, olives, cheeses, coffee, spices, along with all the house made foods. Prices that really can’t be beat (not even by that big store across Atlantic). Friendly and helpful employees make it worth the madhouse.

A Google User
Reviewed a year ago

If you can dream it they have it. This place carries everything and has the best prices around. The bulk grains/nuts/spices section not only saves you a lot of money but makes you feel like you are in some old world market. The quality of the products are incredible and the staff is friendly. If you like to cook, do yourself a favor and make a trip to Sahadi’s.


Sue P.
Brooklyn, NY

Sahadi’s makes my life worth living. I’m in here about once a week for pantry staples as well as pure, senseless, unnecessary, deliciously superfluous items I don’t need but absolutely will find uses for. Since Sahadi’s and I met, my spice drawer has grown more fragrant and my husband more rotund. We’re so much happier in this household all because of this market.

Take your time, especially in the bulk nuts/candy/olives section. The employees are all really helpful and patient. Ask for suggestions if you’re overwhelmed, and don’t you dare reject any samples offered to you!!! Every once in a while, they’ll have 1 or 2 incredibly fresh seasonal produce or fruits displayed right next to the nuts. In May it’s fresh, young green almonds; In June it’s Turkish cucumbers and apricots. Whatever you do, grab a few of whatever it is and enjoy! Also, don’t forget to pick up a pint of their incredible hummus. And the flat bread w/ the Syrian cheese or the Za’taar or the Zataar and tomatoes…

Bill C.
Portsmouth, VA
5.0 star rating 6/23/2013

This a foodie’s delight. Too much great food to describe including dry fruit and veggies, olives, fresh hummus, fresh bread of all types, great coffee, etc. The selection is unbelievable. Also the baklava was super delicious. This is a definite destination on our trips to NY!

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